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BBC BASIC(86) Programs for DOS

This page provides free downloads of complete programs, and some routines, I have written, mainly for BBC BASIC(86) for DOS which you may find useful.  Many of them will run under the free, restricted memory version of BBC BASIC(86) available from Richard Russell's website and they will all run with the RUN.EXE runtime interpreter (see below).


Menus Contains a selection of DOS menu and text display programs including !Menu and !Info. You will need to read the documentation and produce menu scripts before you can do anything useful with these.

Contains a selection of DOS screen savers for the !Menu program, all written in BBC BASIC(86) - see TECHNIC.DOC in the credit package for details of how to do this. The zip file contains a text file called SAVERS.INI which gives the screen savers some basic screen mode information (it's set for an EGA mode) and lists all the savers available so !Menu can pick one at random.

An INFO.INI file is also included in the .zip. This is an initialisation file for the !Info menu program which will allow users to pick a particular screen saver to run (mind you, if you're starting it up yourself, it's not much of a screen saver really is it?). Your menu script can include a facility to run !Info when a particular F-key is pressed (see !MENU.DOC in the menus .zip for details of how to do this).

URLgen Often sites have more pictures or pages on them than they apparently offer. I wrote this because I visited a site looking for Simpsons backdrops (that's 'wallpapers' to the non-RISC OS-literate) and noticed that there were three Homer pics named something like homer1.jpg, homer7.jpg, homer19.jpg. Hmmm, I thought, what happened to homer2.jpg, homer3.jpg and so on? If the site's server doesn't allow you to access it's directory listings, all you can do is type different filenames into your address bar or location and see if you get lucky. URLgen constructs an HTML page for you which contains all the URLs in a given numeric range and format or a page of thumbnails to a range of pics.
InterLog A small package to help you keep track of your Internet phone bills (needs some other resources from this page (!Menu and RUN.EXE) and a bit of setting up - see the INTERLOG.DOC file when you've downloaded and unzipped it).
OperaX If, like me, you use the Opera Browser for Windows, this program provides a quick and easy way of cleaning up cookies, history, visited links and download history. If you use BASIC(86) it can also be extended to clean up other things, eg downloaded pictures or MP3's too.

Miscellaneous Resources:

A few more bits and bobs:

RUN.EXE This .zip contains the BBC BASIC(86) runtime interpreter which can be used to run (but not edit) BBC BASIC programs.
Tokeniser A BBC BASIC(86) programming utility, mainly for my use, but I've now decided to provide a slightly later version and some better documentation. The .zip file also contains an example version of the TRURATE.BAS program from the credit site. This gives you an example of an ASCII listing which will tokenise to BBC BASIC.

June 2005