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The Dualcalc Icon - a square button containing a percentage sign representing APRs, the lower zero in the sign is replaced by a pound sign, representing rebates
©Crown Copyright, 2005
Published by Office of Fair Trading
Written by Brian Stewart

DualCalc is a Windows calculator program intended to carry out the statutory calculation of APRs and Rebates on Early settlement for regulated consumer credit agreements as required by the Regulations made under the UK Consumer Credit Act 1974 and was commissioned by the Office of Fair Trading to be made available, free of charge, to Enforcement Officers, Consumer Advisers, etc. who need to carry out such calculations.

These pages contain and some additional facilities to be used in conjunction with the program and further information about it's development.

The program is formally distributed from the Consumer Regulation Website please contact the OFT for further information.

Brian Stewart
June 2007

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