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Important Note

It is important that you read through the guidance here carefully before using the program.  It is equally important that you understand the figures to be used in a calculation (ie what should be included or excluded and what assumptions should be made).  Obviously, if you describe a loan incorrectly or put the wrong figures into a calculation, the calculator will not give you the correct statutory answer.


If you go to the main help page (click on 'DualCalc help') the menu on the right provides links to the main section headings in the help text.  The menu in each section's page provides further links to jump to each subsection.

Printed manual

The program's help comes in the form of these web pages - both because this makes it simpler to publish updates and because they can use hypertext facilities to provide you with cross references.  There are no plans to provide a printed manual, and no 'printer-friendly' version of the text has been made available.  You can print these pages yourself, but we would rather you spared the trees because your hard-copy may quickly become out-of-date and, does not provide the quite important and useful cross-references, particularly in Quick help ...

Quick help

This facility displays an image of the program's main dialogue and uses an image map so you can click on the buttons, boxes and other gadgets in the image to jump to relevant parts of the detailed help.  When you select Quick help from the menus in these pages the dialogue images should be centred on the screen (more or less, it depends on your browser, screen settings etc) and you may have to use the scroll bars to see the top of the page and the menu.

Off-line help

These help pages are provided when you download the program so you can access them without needing to go on-line.  If the program discovers they are missing from its Help folder, you will be asked if you want to go on-line to download a fresh copy of the installer, and help files, from the CRW internet site.