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Quick access to help on buttons etc.

(Page last updated:  12th November 2006)

Click on the buttons and tools in the image below to get help on what they do

Close button Loan/Cash Price Initial Sum/Deposit Final Sum Periods in a year (combo) Days in a year (combo) The 'Relevant Date' The method of rebate calculation (combo) Deferment period (combo) Settlement date Add 28 days tool Excluded sum The Help button Loan/Cash Price calculation switch Simple/Complex loan switch APR/Rebate calculation switch Enter series button Tidy panels button Save button Load button Reset button Tools button View Log button Round/Truncate APR switch Options button Log button Print button Calculate/Enter button Input calulator tool button Calendar picker tool button Interval converter tool button Period rate convertor tool button The Levels panel (shows 'Regular' and 'Number' in simple calculations) The Levels rows The Levels amount panel The Levels length panel 'Insert Level' buttons Levels 'VCR' controls The Extras panel The Extras rows The Extras amount panel The Extras time/date panel Extras 'VCR' controls The Advances panel The Advances rows The Advances amount panel The Advances time/date panel Advances 'VCR' controls Total amount advanced result Total amount payable result Total charge for credit result Period rate result Nominal annual rate result Effective annual rate result APR result Total remaining result Rebate result Final settlement amount result Total paid before settlement result Total paid including settlement result Settlement plus last payment result The 'information line'

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