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Terms, copying, linking etc.

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Terms and conditions

Installing and using the program indicates your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

The program and other material are provided 'as is' and without any guarantee as to their quality or suitability.  Users should note that the program has not undergone comparative tests against those used by industry.  While every effort has been made to ensure that the program gives accurate results, it cannot be regarded as a complete and authoritative interpretation of the law.

Neither the Office of Fair Trading ('OFT') nor any person or organisation who distributed the material to you can accept any liability for the consequences of its use or undertake to provide further support or updated or bespoke versions.

You are not permitted to distribute altered copies of these files or to sell or provide this material or anything derived from it as part of a commercial contract.

You are only permitted to copy this material, or to pass or transmit such copies to others, provided that:

  • no charge is made for doing so, other than to recoup reasonable carriage or transmission costs,

  • all files are included, remain unaltered and are accompanied by a copy of these terms and conditions (a copy is included in the terms.rtf and terms.txt files downloaded with the program and held in its Help folder), and

  • you acknowledge the crown copyright in the material.

Any additional files distributed with this material must be accompanied by documentation indicating clearly that they are not part of the crown copyright material originally distributed by OFT.

Copyright - the DualCalc program

© Crown copyright 2005-07

Copyright in the DualCalc program and other material provided with it rests with the Crown.  The OFT distributes the program as 'freeware' - ie while copyright is retained, no charge is made for its copying or use.

DualCalc is written in BBC Basic for Windows and copyright in the language interpreter and its supplied library routines rests with Richard Russell and these are included in the distributed version of DualCalc in accordance with the terms of the OFT's licensed copy of the language.

DualCalc's Installer is written using the freeware Inno Setup compiler and copyright in that rests with the author Jordan Russell.

Copyright - the help pages

You are permitted to copy or reproduce these help files so long as you do not do so for financial gain, do not distort the information they contain or represent it in a misleading way.  You must also acknowledge the Crown copyright in the information they contain and the OFT as the source of the information.

Please remember that the information on these pages can only provide general guidance and should not be taken as an authoritative view of the law.  If you are uncertain about how the legislation affects you, please seek professional advice.


The OFT is much indebted to those in the Local Authority Trading Standards Services who helped with testing the program on first release and to those enquirers who have subsequently raised issues resulting in improvements to the program.

I am grateful for the assistance of my colleagues in OFT who helped with the development of this program.  I am also very grateful to Richard Russell, first for providing the BBC BASIC for Windows language in which the program is written, and for his patience (and that of others on the BB4W Yahoo Group) in dealing with any questions I had.

Brian Stewart
Office of Fair Trading