Javascript Credit Programs

(c) Brian Stewart, 2001-2004


I realised that it was possible to write some credit programs in JavaScript and have experimented with this a little.

On the plus side, it should be able to run such programs on any platform which has a JavaScript enabled browser.  On the other hand, JavaScript has some deliberate restrictions to stop web pages messing with your system, and these place some limits on what you can do with it, particularly things like storing or altering data on the hard disc, unless it's in a cookie.

So I've started with a few quite basic calculators.  To try them out, simply click on the links below.  If you want to keep copies to run off-line, use your browser's 'save' facility while in them to save them to your hard disc - they're quite small and contain no images, so they will save as a single .htm file.  Also, so you can use them off-line, they don't contain any links - this means you'll have to use your browser's 'back' or whatever button to come back here afterwards.

If you feel like experimenting yourself, these probably contain a basic toolkit you can use as a template for your own calulators.

The programs currently available are listed in the menu.  The last link just takes you to a menu page which can be used as an off-line equivalent of this page to access the various programs.  Just put it and the program pages you need in the same folder and start by running 'menu.htm'.

Technical Stuff

These programs have been tested on several browsers:  Opera 5.12, Firefox 1.0.4 and MS-IE 5.5 for the Windows platform, and WebsterXL, Oregano2 and the original Oregano for the Risc OS platform with the assistance of which they were written (this is the Demo version 1.10(js) of Oregano, which comes free on some magazine CDs - this will be meaningless if you don't use Risc OS, but this needs the Nested Wimp Manager if you haven't switched to Risc OS 4 yet).  I've also tried Opera 5.12 (Beta 4) for the Epoc/Symbian platform on my Psion 5mx, but this seems to have problems with displaying floating point numbers and doesn't work at present.

These may be added to and improved over time.