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DOS credit calculator programs (c) Brian Stewart, 1983-2004

Program Packages

There are three packages of the programs, one of which can be downloaded from here as a .zip file - click on the links in the text below or in the menu to the left.

    The 'Simple' set of programs is ... well ... simple, and is suitable for learning about APRs or rebates, or for those who want to do their own calculations on straightforward loans.

    The 'Plus' set, is aimed at those who want to deal with more complicated loans and do non-statutory calculations, like scheduling the repayment of capital and interest in a loan.

    The 'Distribution' set also contains more complex versions of the programs and some extra bits that might be useful if you want to deal with unusual agreements - it also contains software to help you compile packages and distribute copies of the programs yourself.


If you are a RISC OS user, there is a general purpose program called 'DualCalc' (which should not be confused with the Office of Fair Trading's program of the same name) available to you that will deal with most APR and Rebate calculations.  It's stored as a .zip file generated with !ZipEE and can be copied straight from the archive to your preferred location using !ZipEE or other archivers.  Help is available in both plain text and HTML formats.  Download it here.

Please note:  currently, this program cannot deal with calculations for the new 2004 Early Settlement Regulations.