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DOS credit calculator programs (c) Brian Stewart, 1983-2004

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About this site

This site provides a location from which you can download DOS programs for the calculation of APRs and rebates required by the UK Total Charge for Credit Regulations and Rebate on Early Settlement Regulations (which pre-date the 2004 Early Settlement Regulations) made under the UK Consumer Credit Act.

The calculators are made up from several programs linked together with a menu program and collectively know as the 'Credit Programs Link' or 'The Link' for short.

The programs were written in BBC BASIC(86) for DOS some time ago (see the past/future page for details) and have been maintained ever since.  There are three alternative DOS packages you can download and a RISC OS program, see the downloads page for more details.

There's also other material to download:  a resources page with additional credit programs, documentation, etc; a JavaScript section with some web pages which contain calculators; and a Windows page, for a simple resource which has been developed to let you run the DOS programs natively under Windows 95 or later.  Finally, there's also a links page for some sites you might find useful in connection with this site.