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Credit calculator programs (c) Brian Stewart, 1983-2004

Useful Links

Email me Click here for info on where to email me if you've spotted a broken link on the site or have some other problem with it (typos and bad grammar included!).
OFT Click here for the Office of Fair Trading's website.
FISA Click here for the Finance Industry Standards Association's website (they have an APR program to download too).

and BBC Basic
for Windows
Click here for Richard Russell's BBC BASIC site.  He provides a free limited memory versions of BBC BASIC(86) (and the new BBC BASIC for Windows) to download.
BBC BASIC(86) Programs My site where you can download a few of my BBC Basic efforts, some of which might be useful in conjunction with the credit programs.
RISC OS and BBC BASIC Links Click here and have a look at some RISC OS and BBC BASIC sites.
The Brandy Interpreter Click here to learn more about an alternative BBC BASIC V interpreter that runs on several platforms, including DOS, RISC OS and UNIX.
GWBASIC.EXE Click here to download a copy of the Microsoft GW-BASIC interpreter for DOS.  This is handy if you want to experiment with writing programs in something other than BBC BASIC.  This will link you to and, as far as I'm aware, is a legitimate source for the program.
ZipCentral Click here to get the software I use to make and unpack .zip files (if you already have WinZip, that will do too).
Ipswitch Click here for the site of the company who provide WS_FTP LE (the free FTP software I used to use for uploading this website etc. before switching to the RISC OS software !FTPc). Click here for free (apart from your call charges) Internet access from the BBC (my ISP).