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DOS credit calculator programs (c) Brian Stewart, 1983-2004

Copyright, Terms And Conditions Etc.

Copyright in the original programs and other material on this site remains with me.  Copyright in PC BBC BASIC(86) and BBC BASIC for Windows is Richard Russell's.  The material is distributed as 'freeware' - ie no charge is made for its use - but those, other than enforcement authorities and voluntary or public sector consumer advisers or money advisers, who make regular use of the programs are asked to consider sending what they feel to be an appropriate donation to a charity of their choice.

Downloading or using any of the programs forming part of this material indicates your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:-

  • Users are permitted to copy this material, or to pass or transmit such copies to others provided that no charge is made for doing so, other than to recoup reasonable carriage or transmission costs, and all files are included and remain unaltered.

  • Any additional files you include must be accompanied by documentation indicating clearly that they are not part of my material.

  • You are not permitted to distirbute altered copies of these files or to sell or provide this material or anything derived from it as part of a commercial contract.

  • The programs and other material are provided 'as is' and without any guarantee as to their quality or suitability.

  • While every effort has been made to ensure that the programs give accurate results, they cannot be regarded as a complete and authoritative interpretation of the law.

  • Neither I nor any person or organisation who distributed the material to you can accept any liability for the consequences of its use, or undertake to provide further support or updated or bespoke versions.

There is an email address you can use for enquiries about problems with, or updates to, the package, see the contact page for details.

I may want to use any emailed correspondence or enquiries in an FAQ list later.  If you don't want your correspondence or details to appear, please say so.