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DualCalc v1.03

(Page last updated:  12th November 2006)

Purpose of the program

DualCalc is a Windows program for carring out the statutory calculation of APRs and Rebates on Early Settlement for regulated consumer credit agreements as required by the Regulations made under the UK Consumer Credit Act 1974 and 2006 and was commissioned by the Office of Fair Trading to be made available, free of charge, to Local Authority Trading Standards Services, Consumer Advisers, and others who need to carry out such calculations

As its name implies, DualCalc provides single program and interface to carry out both APR and Rebate on Early Settlement calculations.

These Help files are included in the download package for the program and are accessible by clicking the program's 'Help' button.  The program and documentation may be added to over time, so please check the date and version number above against the version available on the Consumer Regulations Website periodically to ensure you have the latest version (click on the 'dualcalc on the web' link in the menu to go to the CRW pages).

Version 1.03 introduces quite a number of incremental improvements and implements a revised interpretation on how to calculate periods in statutory calculations, if you are upgrading, we recommend you see 'version history' on the menu for more information on the changes.

NOTE:  as the revised interpretation can produce different results, the version number has been increased and you are advised to upgrade.

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Clicking on 'quick help' provides quick access to help about particular buttons and tools in the program's dialogue.