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You can download the latest official version of DualCalc from the Consumer Regulation Website (CRW)

Please contact the OFT for further information.

Version 1.03 In Development ...

An enquiry about the program revealed the need for a re-think in the interpretation of the Total Charge Regulations provisions relating to the calculation of periods (Regulation 11).  The basic view had always been that a statutory calculation could be done using either weeks, months or years and days - and only one of those should be use for all the periods in a calculation.  On re-consideration, it was accepted that every individual period in a calculation should be considered on its own to see if it could be described in weeks, months or years and days.

It was therefore necessary to modify DualCalc to work in this way.  Unfortunately this also raised a number of other issues which needed to be considered before implementing the changes.  This work has only just been completed and is still undergoing testing while the documentation is being revised.  The opportunity had also been taken to introduce some further improvements to the program and modify it to deal with some issues introduced by the release of Windows Vista.

This page provides a (rather cryptic) log of the changes made to the program so far and an opportunity to download the latest release candidate.

Change log - taken from the source code:

   10 REM +--------------------------------------------------------+
   20 REM |                     DualCalc.bbc                       |
   30 REM |              (c)Crown Copyright 2005-07                |
   40 REM |         Office of Fair Trading by Brian Stewart        |
   50 REM +--------------------------------------------------------+
   60 REM |  Program to calculate the APRs and rebates on early    |
   70 REM |  settlement of consumer credit agreements regulated    |
   80 REM |           by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.             |
   90 REM +--------------------------------------------------------+
  100 :
  110 DEF____Version_change_log ...
  120 :
  130 REM added functions '+-*/%tr' to input tool
  140 REM changed -day13 switch to -home
  150 REM added -home result reporting facilities
  160 REM added 'Days' (365.25) to PPA selector
  170 REM added 'convert levels to extras' function - nice!
  180 REM TCC/100 only reported for APR
  190 REM modfied series checking, force RDATE% input for periods with date
  200 REM added 'log first' tool and related mods to output and options
  210 REM docked dialogue to a window (uses WINLIB2B for main dialogue)
  220 REM removed cachedial and Dial$
  230 REM saved calculation includes program version
  240 REM -home result displayed in rebates panel as a sum
  250 REM rationalised results display procedures (only write on display)
  260 REM include single mode:
  270 REM - dialogue mods
  280 REM - PRR, APR and Act calcs
  290 REM - output mods
  300 REM re-instated -quit parameter for tools (gone since v101? oops!)
  310 REM stopped PROCclrAddins stripping parameters from toolset file (again, oops)
  320 REM introduced Own$ for program description
  330 REM removed parameter from PROCxwind (now only does '6')
  340 REM corrected PROCcutParam for zero length after ':'
  350 REM mods to meet new Reg.11 spec:
  360 REM - PROCcheckReg11 complete (actually not)
  370 REM - Reg11 option introduced
  380 REM - PROCcheckReg11 complete now
  390 REM - mods to FNperiod() for Reg.11(3)-(4)
  400 REM - mods to FNperiod and FNcheckRebate for no ESRs, RESRs months
  410 REM - mods to cope with counting 'backward'
  420 REM - added tools to switch off new periods functions
  430 REM - further mods to PROCcheckReg11 (combined levels and extras)
  440 REM resolved file installation/location issues
  450 REM implemented calculation export to clipboard
  460 REM implemented -local switch, forces data to program folder
  470 REM dialogue init taken outside quit loop
  480 REM moved array DIMs to after loadOptions (!)
  490 REM introduced series extension, improve import
  500 REM improved periods testbed:
  510 REM - input more values/flags
  520 REM - default inputs (added FNin() and FNyn() to GENLIB)
  530 REM moved levels transfer to calculate procedure
  540 REM revised Actuar calcs to use SDATE->payment date directly:
  550 REM - duplicate Actuar analysis using dates
  560 REM - ditto for unused single Actuar calc
  570 REM - introduce DSDATE% to store deferred setdate
  580 :
  590 REM To do:
  600 REM - revise output routines (analysis) to reflect new Actuar approach
  610 REM - grey out other set results when 'Forgot%'
  620 :

Updated:  27 June 2007, 21:05

[Download the latest release candidate for DualCalc.exe here by clicking here]

You can also view the 'work in progress' on the help files [by clicking here].

Important ...

The current version:  v1.03(rc6A), is not a genuine release candidate because it incorporates changes to correct discrepancies in the way dates are handled in actuarial calculations.  These are, as yet, untested and the changes have not yet been paralleled in the program's output routines - so these will report the previous timing values, not those used in the calculation.

Installation ...

The link above only provides an executable as a direct replacement for your current DualCalc.exe, it is not an installer and none of the associated files are supplied.  You are advised to keep a backup of your current copy before replacing it with the release candidate.  There is currently no documentation of the changes or new features.

The current release candidate assumes that, for Windows XP and Vista, the program's resources are in a folder in 'Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DualCalc' (usually in C:).  This should contain the folders Help, Resources, Saved, Logged and Tools which, in previous versions, were in the same folder as DualCalc.exe.  This will be created and filled by the final installer but, to run the release candidate, you are advised to make this folder and copy the listed folders into it before running the release candidate.  You are also advised to delete the file Setup.txt in the Resources folder and then re-save your option settings.