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This site mainly contains my efforts at programming in BBC BASIC.  I use, or have used, three versions of the language:

  • BBC BASIC for the BBC Micro and RISC OS, either small 'non-WIMP' programs or those written with the aid of Dr Wimp or !Frontender
  • BBC BASIC(86) for DOS - probably the version in which I am most experienced but now somewhat out-of-date, although the programs will still mostly run under Windows
  • BBC Basic for Windows - which I can use to turn out certain types of programs, but which I am continuing to learn.

As I've spent most of my time working in the area of consumer credit, a lot of the programs here focus on carrying out credit-related calculations, including the statutory calculations required under the UK's Consumer Credit Act.  There is also some material on the RISC OS operating system (mainly links) and stuff on other interests may be added later.

August 2007