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BBC BASIC for Windows Programs

This page provides free downloads of programs I have written using BBC BASIC for Windows, which you may find useful.


This program provides a diary or calendar editor which will build an HTML page from the information entered.  The page is built based on a template and, although a default version is supplied and there is some guidance in the help file, getting the best results requires some knowledge of HTML and CSS.

The package can also be used in conjunction with the third-party program GWIMPEXP which will extract information from a GroupWise account in a plain text format.  CalenBuild provides an import facility for the extracted data so that you can build HTML calendars from a GroupWise calendar.

This download is a self extracting archive.


GroupWise users are referred to GWIMPEXP by the Novel website as a solution to exctracting data from their accounts.  It is available from:

GWIMPEXP is free, but you have to register with the site to obtain it.


This program provides a simple way of recording and totalling the hours and minutes worked in a week.

This download is a self extracting archive.


The original purpose of this program is to clean up the dodgy HTML produced when you convert documents to HTML with Microsoft Word97 and, to a lesser extent, later versions, however it's not limited to this use.  It does it's job by searching through the text of an HTML file or text file and locating the tag or combination of tags you specify, ripping it out (ie deleting it) and optionally replacing it with something else.

This is more developed than the RISC OS version at the moment.

ShowFold A very simple utility to obtain a list all the files and folders in a folder, this is placed on the clipboard and can also be printed.  Interesting because it was constructed in about 5 minutes, almost entirely by just cutting and pasting sections of code from the BBC BASIC for Windows manual ... which not only demonstrates how useful the manual is but probably calls in to question the suggestion that I wrote the program!
TableTool Constructs an HTML table from a series of lines of text in a plain/ASCII text file.
Stripper Not as exciting as the name, or the icon, might suggest.  Simply to strip any non-readable ASCII characters from a file.

December 2005