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About the Site

I prefer to code the site 'by hand' (ie just using a text editor) rather than any sort of site building software, but the editors I use have some extra facilities for writing HTML, JavaScript and CSS.  The editors I use are mainly:

  • StrongEd for RISC OS using the HTML mode - that's what I'm writing this in now.  This doesn't mean I've come down on that side in the great StrongEd vs Zap debate, I have Zap too, I just don't seem to use it as much

  • NoteTab Standard for Windows - a nice tabbed interface for multiple documents, good search and replace, libraries of pre-written shortcuts and utilities for things like HTML.  If you're struggling with NotePad, there's a free 'Lite' version so get it (also try EverSoft's 'First Page 2000' for full on HTML editing - also free). 

I've checked the look of the site on six of the browsers I have available here (I'm a bit of a browser hoarder) and I'm pleased to say it looks pretty much the same on all of them as they all support basic CSS, tables and images:

  • RISC OS:  Oregano2 - my main browser, despite the constant crashes, WebsterXL and Netsurf.  The latter doesn't support JavaScript, so the JavaScript credit calculators available elsewhere are a bit of a bust

  • Windows:  Internet Explorer (5.5 and 6), Opera 5.12 (later version won't work on my Windows platform) and Firefox - nice but a bit slow on my platform

If you have any problems with any aspect of the site, please use the contact details link to let me know.

June 2005